Why use our ChinaB2bwire service to distribute your press release?

We are a reliable global partner for companies with busy and efficient marketing teams in need of a supplier that understands both their business and their market. With access to an English-language team with a HQ in the UK, you know that the language and local knowledge challenge is managed for you. 

Using our ChinaB2Bwire you can: 

  • Amplify your press release into China quickly using a targeted media list 
  • Make your budget go further
  • Avoid unnecessary expenditure on resources
  • Ensure that your objectives are achieved
  • Create awareness, education, visibility and engagement in the right place at the right time 

All so that your business can focus on what it is good at. 

What makes us different?

We are an intelligent extension of your in-house team with more than two decades' expertise. We can offer you a speedy and reliable service that delivers without the need for you to manage or add headcount. 

Global newswire services can be expensive as they are based on length, this means that press releases that are data heavy can cost. We charge one rate, with no hidden costs and a simple payment structure. 

We can also offer you a trial of our service so that you can ensure it works for you and then, if required, we can help you to book a custom-number of services in the future.  

How does it work?

Our ChinaB2Bwire service is easy to use, all you need to do is fill in our form with your press release and then choose between the payment options for quick and easy ecommerce.

If you choose our Premium package, then all we need are your details and we will contact you to arrange a discussion call about your proposed press release. 

How do I pay?

We offer two payment options:

1. You can pay directly through our online payment system  

2. You can pre-book your distribution by sending us your contact details and we will invoice you with our bank details before actioning the project. 

What currency will you take payment in?

We have the entire PRC infrastructure in China to support your marketing, with a UK-based payment infrastructure (in USD) so that you can pay in your own currency (options USD/GBP/CNY via credit or debit card) 

How long is the turnaround?

Our turnaround is dependent on the package that you choose, though all timings will be within one month. Fast-track services are available upon request at an extra cost. 

Will you proof-read my press release?

Our experienced team will read every piece of content to check for typos/mistakes but we will only recommend text changes with the Plus package. 

If you are looking for access to our full service and have your press release drafted and proofed for you, then we have a Premium package. With this option we will write in English so that you can approve the press release before we translate it. At no extra cost, we will also distribute the English version as well as the Chinese version if you require. 

Is press release distribution the only service that you provide in China?

If you choose our Plus or Premium packages then we will report on your success for you at no extra cost. 

If you would like to pay extra for additional services then we can offer you: 

  • Trade show support (including Analytica China, CPhI China, FIE, BCEIA, etc.).We can book your press conference, launch your product and arrange for coverage and media bookings for your booth. 
  • Social media (WeChat) services
  • Customer testimonials 

For more information about our additional services and costs please contact us here: china@scottpr.com.cn